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Paid search is a form of internet marketing to increase targeted traffic to your site with the aim of converting them into your customers. Online advertising through paid search includes the marketing of your product or service using a search engine or search engine partner. This is pretty different from organic search, where online users get to know about your product or website through organic rankings.

A paid search comes under different names as it works hand in hand with other types of digital marketing such as search engine marketing, pay per click, cost per click/cost per impressions, online paid ads, search engine optimization, sponsored listings and many more. For each of those ads, you are required to pay according to each click on it (pay per click) or through mere display (cost per impression).

In a practical sense, if you have searched for anything either on Google or Yahoo before, you will discover some highlighted sponsored ads above the normal search results. They are paid search.

If you are not sure of what particular type of paid search to stick to, you can leave the job to professionals like us to handle this for you. We shall look into your website and your business in general to determine which is most appropriate and cost effective for you. There are paid search marketing that yield faster result irrespective of your business category. We are here to help you achieve results within a short time irrespective of your budget. You can always count on us to achieve your business goals through our expert promotion services.

Paid search has the advantage of popularizing your website since it appears at the top of the search engine result. You stand a better chance of your website name being clicked on since it is often among the first 3 to 5 search results. With a little addition to your initial budget, you can steal the first position among other results. We can help you set up your paid search campaign through proper website keyword analysis and keyword research relevant to your products and services.

In a similar vein, we can help you track the success of your ad campaign to determine its result after it has been set up. We use an industry analytic software to measure and determine the success of each campaign in terms of the chosen keywords, budget and effectiveness of your ads. With paid search, you can easily test your campaigns immediately. Alternatively, if you think your business is on the smaller size that cannot afford the cost of search engine results, there are other categories of paid search you can capitalize on to compete with bigger brands; social media platforms. Get in touch today for proper guidance. We are here to help, contact Wenny 360 today for your free consultation.

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