How Email Marketing Helps To Grow Your Business

June 6, 2020

Email marketing is nothing but getting your message across to your existing and potential customers through email messages; these are usually sent regularly, and also called email newsletters. You can promote your products, inform customers about special deals, new products, sales, offers, and more, and also provide valuable information on the use and maintenance of products.

Here is how it can help your business to grow:

1. Convert more visitors

As an entrepreneur it’s natural you want a website; but don’t expect people to come just because you built it. And even if people do visit your site, they must buy from you, for you to actually benefit from the website. With an email list, you have the means to contact people and educate them about your company, brand, values, products, and nurture long term relationships with them. When such people want to buy, they will naturally come to you, rather than your competitor.

2. Grow your audience

Regardless of whether you have a website or not, you can engage with your target audience through email marketing, and even grow your audience. If you have a physical store, or conduct or attend conferences and events for networking, you can use these events to add to your email list. You can share updates with your customers through email; for this you can use an app that lets you create forms for people to sign up, or physically collect email addresses from customers as they checkout. You can also have a landing page which contains details of your business, along with a form for signing up. This will allow you to have an online presence where people can find you.

3. Create brand awareness

If anyone sees content they like, they are highly likely to share it with friends and family – even more so, if they think, it has something of value to those who read or listen to it. If you deliver valuable content through email, your email newsletters can also be shareable content. You could even include a CTA button that tells your readers to forward the mail. This can help you increase your reach beyond your visitors and customers.

4. Increase traffic to your website

When you send regular emails to your subscribers, it’s a good practice to include a CTA button; these can be to send them to your website, forward the email, or to any other useful page. Your subscribers are already interested in what you have to say – so use your newsletters to send links that will take them to your site. Of course, for this you will need to keep creating relevant, useful and freshy content that they will want to engage with.

5. Boost sales

This is the most obvious one; and though it may be one of the oldest methods of publicizing new products or offers on products, it is highly effective still. One big reason is that over 90% of people check email every single day, some multiple times in a day. Make sure your subject line is eye-catching and emphasize urgency by mentioning how low stocks are or how less the time the offer will remain.

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