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Search Engine Digital Marketing has vastly become one of the number one tactics used to drive digital marketing strategies. You might have a question of why Search Engine Marketing is important. Under the Digital Marketing umbrella, it has helped companies gain millions of dollars in annual sales. There are brands taking advantage of their digital presence online and are doing better than yours because they are getting the attention you need. Contact Webby360 so we can start creating your Search Engine Marketing strategy today.

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The process of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses paid advertisements by bidding on keywords used by search engines such as Google and Bing. The keywords come up as paid advertisements on the first page of results, becoming google ads. Our team at Webby360 can help you bid on the right keywords for your business to improve how your target audience sees you. We also offer analysis and reporting on the keywords that work and strategies to go after better results and more conversions for your product to stand apart from competitors.

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Many people wonder what the difference is between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO allows your business to rank in the search engines results such as Google or Bing in an organic way. However, once the seeds are planted the harvest is very fruitful on a consistent basis without having to pay for traffic. Search Engine Marketing is beneficial should you want the harvest sooner than later via paid marketing. When both are coupled, the benefits can be more than rewarding. Both SEM & SEO are necessary parts of digital marketing. SEO drives consistent traffic to your site and products, while Search Engine Marketing are of good value and drives converted traffic to your doors.

Having a well thought out SEM strategy will immediately make a difference!

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