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6 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Site Using Pinterest


Hands down, one of the most effective social media platforms for driving traffic to your business is Pinterest. However, it’s not enough to use Pinterest; you have to know how to use it correctly. Just like other social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Pinterest is something that businesses need to take seriously because the site drives more traffic to individual websites and blogs than LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Here are six ways you can utilize Pinterest to drive more traffic to your site.

1. Have Pinterest In Mind When You Select Images

When creating pin-worthy content, your number one goal is to choose an image that represents the article and encourages others to click through to the originating website. You want to use thought-provoking, colorful, and impressive photos. Providing photos that tell a story will inspire users to learn more.

2. Be Descriptive

Brevity is essential when using Pinterest. That being said, you need to include a description worthy of the image you’ve chosen. The descriptions on Pinterest are similar to headlines, so you want to create something that will capture your audience’s attention. You need to share one or two sentences describing the image but leave most details out.

3.Tag Your Friends

While you don’t have to tag all your friends every time you pin content on the site, if a pin reminds you of someone or if you want to give credit, create a tag with the pin. The chances are high that the person being tagged will share it with their network, exposing your brand to a broader audience.

4. Let Others Pin Your Content

The entire point of Pinterest is so others can pin things they like to their board. When creating content, be sure to utilize the share button on your blog posts, images, articles, and videos so others can easily share the content with their friends. 

5. Support Your Calls to Action with Visual Design

Websites with clickable call-to-action buttons are nothing new and have come to be expected by consumers. To incorporate this approach in your marketing strategy, you can create a pinnable image that combines a clear text-based call to action.

6. Arrange Your Boards Strategically

The last thing that you want to do is have a random mismatch of boards. Take the time to arrange them in an order that puts your most important boards first. If your goal is to sell your products and services, make sure these boards are placed first. For example, if your business sells bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you may want to have a board for bath renovations, one for kitchen renovations, one for small bathrooms or large kitchens, and so on. 

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for driving free traffic to your site and blog. With the help of these tips, you can optimize your pins to gain more clicks and drive traffic to your site. It does not work overnight, but in time, you will notice that the more pins and boards you create, the more popular they become and the more followers you start to gain.

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