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The aim of every business is how to reach end users; this is what gives birth to marketing. But, since businesses are moving towards occupying the cyber space, there is the need to consider the most suitable type of marketing. It is not enough to have money for advertisement; you need to identify the particular marketing model that will suit your existing platform.

A lot of us are familiar with the traditional marketing model. The question is how effective is this type of advertising in this age? While it will be wrong to say traditional marketing is obsolete since it still yields result to an extent, you can’t compare the results with those of digital channels. Ultimately, your choice will be dependent on the type of business you run. The question is which is most suitable for your product and business? Which accomplishes the goals of your establishment faster?

The following are some of the reasons business owners invest more in digital than traditional form of adverts:
  • Affordability: Digital marketing is much more cheaper than conventional marketing
  • Segmentation: Digital strategy allows advanced forms of segmentation known for better and specific audience targeting while its counterpart focuses only on the basic or blanket form of segmentation.
  • Budget: With the digital marketing, you can reach more people without emptying your pocket. You can use different means to get your content and links to your target audience. Not so with the traditional model. You must have enough money to invest in each campaign in order to reach your end users.
  • Communication: Digital marketing encourages bilateral form of communication where the marketer interacts directly with end users. Traditional advertising is unilateral in nature. Audience or spectators and are rather passive than active.
  • Flexibility: Digital marketing encourages ads modification, optimization and adjustment when necessary; however, traditional marketing doesn’t allow this.
  • Measuring tools: Using the digital method allows you to measure the success of your ad campaigns beforehand. You also determine and also calculate your ROI with ease. It is not so with the traditional form of marketing.
  • Permanence of ads: Digital marketing encourages permanence of ads through content, links, infographics etc. that remain on the internet for new users to see after the initial launch of a campaign. It is also possible to determine the duration of your ads on some digital platforms like Google and Facebook. There is a limit to the duration of your ads in terms of your budget in traditional marketing. The more your budget the more the duration of your ads in traditional form of advertising.

These and more are some of the reasons most business owners use the digital marketing strategy. Moreover, there is a growing trend in the digital world. If the world has gone digital why lag behind using a method that doesn’t work effectively. You must align your marketing strategy to your audience who spend most of their time on digital devices.

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