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If you want your website to be viewed and experienced the same way on every device, it’s important to understand the difference between mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly web design. While the terms ‘mobile-responsive’ and ‘mobile-friendly’ websites are often (mistakenly) used interchangeably, they are actually different. While both refer to interacting with a website on a mobile device, the key difference is how users see vs experience the information on your website. The first step before moving forward is to make sure you have a functional website to promote your business on. If you need a new or improved website, you may want to consider reading

Having an online presence whether it be through social media, building a new website or both, is no longer a choice in today’s world. If you want to be competitive, grow your brand, and most importantly get people to notice and buy your product or service, you need to be accessible and seen online. Well, what's the best way to do that? Perhaps it's time to consider using an internet marketing company like Webby360. A good digital marketing team will maintain your systems, update your website content, use SEO best practices, and work with you to achieve your overall objectives. Should I Build