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Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) helps to define your brand. It tells people what you are bringing to the table and states a promise that you’ll deliver throughout your products and services offers. In other words, it helps you stand out!

A USP goes beyond just a simple catchphrase or logo. It involves every aspect of your brand, starting with how your company is different from others on the market. And your USP should be part of every marketing component as well, including your advertising campaigns and social media growth. 

Your USP must be highlighted in your advertisements. If it’s not in the (keyword-rich) headline, it should be in the very first line of your ad or post. And remember, to always keep things focused on the customer, not on yourself. Show them the benefits of your product or service and how it will benefit them.

Some great USP examples in advertising would be in the coaching field. Instead of simply advertising your class, course, or platform, focus on going the extra mile. Perhaps your USP could include personal assistance or be available at extended times.

If you’re stuck, try searching Google to look up your competitors: enter your top five keywords (based on impressions) and see who your real competitors are. Then, try to determine what their USP is. This will not only help you keep a pulse on your market, but it will make it easier for you to come up with a USP of your own based on what the market wants as well as what may be missing.

For example, if you’re selling top-line leather bags like Saddlebag Leather, your competitors online may be knock-off brands rather than other high-end leather companies. Now see what those competitors are offering and how you can beat those offers. What can you do differently? How can you stand out?

It shouldn’t always be based on price (unless you have come up with a new process that inherently saves money) because the competitor can always lower theirs, too. So, look for other ways to stand out.

Now that you’ve gotten to know who your competitors are and what their USP is, you’ll want to create ads that highlight to customers the benefits of your business over that of the competition. 

Simple, short, straightforward text is always better, with a tagline or catchy phrase that will stick in the customer’s mind. Think Coca-Cola (“It’s the real thing”) or Nike (“Just do it”). This will be your slogan or tagline. 

It may sound counterproductive, but try not to start your ad or post by promoting and praising your products or services. The way to make a sale is to show the benefits of buying; what’s in it for the customer? Always lead with that! If you make it clear how your customer will benefit, they’ll want to read further and explore the details of your service or product.

You’ll want to write a killer Call to Action (CTA) for your ad or post, as well. You want them to click the button and make the right decision.

Whether you need help with your branding, creating your first content marketing plan, or review an existing one, contact Webby 360 today. Our experts can help get you on track.

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