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How to Create SEO-Friendly URLs

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A URL slug is the part of the URL which explains what type of content is in that page and will be in easy to understand form. Follow these steps to understand how to make your URL’s SEO friendly.

  • Start with Page Title: Most of the page titles will make a well-optimized URL slug with a bit of modification.
  • Remove the Special Characters: Special characters are elements like backslashes and square brackets. These do not belong in a standard URL slug. It is also important to remove special characters other than alphabets like commas, semicolons, spaces, quotes etc.
  • Remove Numbers: If you are writing content on five steps that helps on a certain topic, when you update it with one more point you’ll have to change the URL as well. To change the URL in this specific example you will have to redirect the new URL if you change the number of points.
  • Remove Extra Information: Make the URLs as simple as possible rather than making it long. Describe the content using hten least amount of words.
  • Shorten it to a Keyword: Find the best keyword to describe the content.
  • Include Keyword Modifiers: Keyword modifiers are similar words that attach connections to your URL.
  • Make it Readable: The URL should be easy for users to understand. Pluralizing may help if necessary.
  • Make everything Lowercase: Some servers are case sensitive and therefore it is always better to use lowercase.
  • Replace Spaces with Hyphens: The spaces in URLs are automatically converted to %20. Therefore it is best if you can remove the spaces and use hyphens instead.

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