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Tips for Designing an Attractive Website

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The first five seconds spent by a user after reaching the landing page are the crucial seconds that judge what action the user will take once they land on the website. Here are a few tips to design a website that works.

Maintain a minimalistic homepage

Ensure your website is user-friendly with information that your website visitors need to see. Using subheadings, bullet points, highlighted Calls to Action, icons and images all help to your website flow and allows the potential customer to digest the information at a pace that works for them.

Keep the content legible

Font size and legibility is important. Visitors to your website shouldn’t have trouble reading text or trying to find the information they are looking for. The contrast with the right background helps to avoid colours and text competing with one another. Using three font styles on a single website is a good rule to follow and provides symmetry for the website.

Keep the navigation easy

Navigating a website should be a pleasant experience. Link the logo to the home page, menu to the header and keep a shortened menu and social icons in the footer. Depending on a mobile device, desktop or tablet testing the navigation of the website on all platforms is a good idea.

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