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8 Tips to Create Effective Instagram Stories and Stories Ads

More than a billion people use Stories across Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status every day. Fifty-six percent of people use Stories on three or more platforms at least once a week. 

Consider adding Stories to your social media marketing plan today. 

Over the next two blogs, we’ll share eight tips to help you create effective Instagram Stories and Stories Ads 

Here are the first four tips: 

1. Polish Your Creative Elements – The quality of your creative elements, from the photos to the montages, affects your sales. In fact, fifty-six percent of a brand’s sales increases are due to the creative elements. Always use high-resolution photos and quality montages. 

2. Speed Counts – Stories are increasingly using immersion and interactivity to grab a viewer’s attention. Speed is one key to meeting users’ expectations. Use quick, dynamic content to keep your users’ attention. 

3. Break Down Your Narrative Arc – Split your Stories into a sequence of smaller, contrasting scenes, instead of one continuous shot. Consider using several creative elements to tell an engaging story. 

4. Think Vertical First – Over 82% of mobile visitors hold their smartphones vertically, or in portrait orientation. To make the most of your screen real estate in Stories, craft your content in portrait orientation. This saves you the time of adapting your content from landscape or horizontal orientation. 

Next week we’ll list the remaining four key tips. For now, contact Webby 360 to discuss how we can help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

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