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Optimizing Your Landing Page, Part 3

Landing page conversion optimization is similar to designing a product. You might build hundreds of prototypes before you arrive at the final product. 

Your landing page will also need a number of conversions. It should appeal to your audience, meet their expectations and influence them to act. 

In last week’s blog, we shared the Landing Page Optimization Checklist and reviewed the Seven Key Elements Of A Landing Page. 

Today, we share Six Optimization Tips for an Effective Landing Page 

1. Keep The Message Consistent Between Ads and Landing Pages: Many advertisers fail to notice the disconnect between what an ad promises and what the landing page delivers. Ensure the visual elements are consistent between your landing page and ads. This offers a predictable experience for users and is a simple and quick way to double your B2B sales conversions. This also works well for B2C businesses. 

2. A/B Test Different Form Lengths: The form on your landing page can make or break your conversion rate. The optimal length of the form depends on your needs. If you want more leads, keep the fields to a minimum, but if you’re looking for qualified leads, use more fields. Use A/B testing, by creating two versions of the same landing page, to determine which of the two variants leads to maximum conversions. 

3. Have A Mobile-Friendly Landing Page: Mobile ads are effective because they encourage users to buy something. Ensure your mobile landing page and its forms are easy to fill. Make users’ visits to your landing page as easy as possible and they are more likely to convert. 

4. Craft Landing Page Copy with the Customer’s Voice: The copy and design of a landing page are equally important to the page’s success. Use the customer’s voice to create an engaging landing page. Avoid buzzwords and jargon because speaking to customers in language they understand will lead to higher conversion rates. Showcase how your product or service benefits your customers. 

5. Use Power Words In Your Copy: Adding power words to your copy will take your landing page to the next level. Use this list of over 100 power words to create a compelling message that appeals to your users’ emotions. 

5. Add Video to Your Landing Page: Forty-one percent of marketers agree that video content effectively builds relationships with potential customers and generates leads that convert. Videos can share a complex idea easier than text and reinforces your message and branding. Use video demonstrations and screenshots on your landing page to showcase your products and services. 

Landing page optimization is a crucial part of your business. Contact Webby 360 to discuss lead generating strategies. We can help you turn prospects into sales.

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