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Six Digital Trends That Boost Your Marketing Strategies

The digital landscape is always changing. New breakthroughs in technology change the way users consume content. You must plan ahead to meet your customers’ demands in six months, one year, and ten years. 

Video emerged as a digital marketing tool only ten years ago, and today, 92% of marketers include video in their marketing strategy. They acknowledge technological innovations when planning their marketing strategies. 

In today’s blog, we look at six digital trends that will boost your marketing strategies and drive more clients to your site. 

1. Video Ads On Social Media: The average consumer watches 100 minutes of video content per day. As video content increases, so does video advertising. 

Video ads are great opportunities for brand exposure because they engage your audience and are easy to digest. Entertaining or funny branded video advertising is very memorable and is perfect for targeting strategies.

Video ads are the future of digital marketing. Now is the time to master this digital trend. 

2. Augmented Reality For Products: When the COVID-19 pandemic stopped companies from sharing their products physically, marketers turned to augmented reality (AR) to showcase their products. 

Consider a well-known furniture company. Their app lets users visualize how various furniture pieces would look in their homes. An empty room is suddenly furnished, and pieces can be moved around with ease. 

Beauty, cosmetic and clothing companies are also using AR filters to help their users try on makeup or clothing. “Try before you buy” is a new catch phrase in these industries. 

More companies are using AR as it is an effective way to share physical products. 

3. AI-Powered PPC Campaigns: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns take about three months to collect data and optimize a campaign. Using artificial intelligence (AI) will speed up the process.

Using AI from the start of your PPC campaign will maximize your ROI (return on investment). You can compare aggregated data from hundreds of different campaigns in your industry and focus on keywords that lead to converts. The best keywords attract the right visitors to your website. 

4. Chatbots For Customer Support: Chatbots became popular about five years ago as their capabilities improved. Unfortunately, many companies don’t use chatbots because their answers rarely help customers. Users also prefer to speak to people who can answer more than a handful of set questions. 

Modern chatbots can do a number of tasks – answer customer’s support questions, start the sales cycle, collect data, and create virtual customer profiles to name a few. You can personalize chatbots to act similarly to a human clerk. Chatbots can also elicit responses that lead to emotional bonds with users.  

Chatbots help your marketing efforts and save your company money. They never get annoyed or lose their patience, and they always collect relevant data. 

5. Voice Search: Voice search usage is growing every year and is expected to increase. Studies show 65% of users can’t live without their virtual assistants. 

Attract new visitors to your website by optimizing your marketing content for voice search. 

6. Social commerce: Get the most ROI from your social media profile with social commerce. Stunning visuals help your customers remember your brand and products. 

Since 70% of shoppers use social media to discover new products, allow your users to purchase your product on your social media platform. 

Social commerce is useful for retail businesses and other industries as well. 

Final thoughts: Incorporate the latest trends into your marketing strategy to attract clients and grow your business. Stay ahead of the curve by adapting to your audience’s needs and embracing innovation. 

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