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Five Reasons to Create a TikTok Marketing Strategy

If there ever was a time to create a TikTok marketing strategy, it was yesterday. 

We know that sounds a bit dramatic but TikTok ads have been really effective for businesses in boosting their social media presence. 

Where are the stats to prove it you ask?

Well, TikTok’s commissioned study involved interviewing approximately 25,000 people from 20 different countries between September 2020 to January 2021 to find out how effective TikTok ads really are.

The interviewees’ responses provided key insights into how TikTok ads are perceived compared to promotions on other social media platforms, so let’s go through them. 

1. TikTok ads are inspiring.

According to the study, 72% of participants found TikTok ads ‘inspiring’ which was the highest result across all social media platforms. 

While scrolling through the For You feed, TikTok users were open to new and inspirational content from both creators and brands.

This may be due to TikTok’s emphasis on making TikToks rather than advertisements. TikTok encourages influencers and advertisers to create content that looks natural, engaging and functional to influence customers’ buying decisions. 

2. TikTok ads are trendsetting.

People consider ads on TikTok to be 21% more trendsetting than ads on other platforms. With ad formats such as the Branded Hashtag Challenge, TikTok is helping brands like yours connect with people in very unique ways. 

For instance, TikTokers can develop trends based on branded sounds, actions, effects, or storylines, and share these trends beyond the TikTok community. 

This is all part of creating a TikTok marketing strategy. By sharing natural and eye-catching content, users will feel inclined to participate in the latest trends which will lead to more engagement, positive branding and ultimately, more sales for your company.  

3. TikTok ads are a source of enjoyment and optimism. 

People tend to use TikTok to consume uplifting content so it’s no surprise that many TikTokers use the platform as a source of enjoyment and optimism. 

Given the content that is being shared is part of the user experience while naturally promoting goods and services, this has a positive impact on advertisers because users actually enjoy TikTok ads. 

As long as your company provides positive, helpful, and relevant information in your TikTok ads, you too can improve your social media presence and grow your business,

4. TikTok ads get people’s attention.

According to the research, 67% of respondents agreed that TikTok ads grab their attention which is 10% more than other social media platforms!

TikTok users are more likely to view content in a sound-on, lean-back approach, while the full-screen, immersive format not only grabs their attention but keeps it. 

TikTok ad placement options like TopView, the first video a user sees when opening the app, increase the likeness of users being receptive and attentive to videos. 

It is during these first few minutes that they open TikTok looking for a captivating story. If your company can create positive experiences for people when they first interact with your content, you can gain followers who are genuinely excited to follow your brand’s journey. 

5. TikTok ad formats are preferred over others.

A whopping 72% of participants preferred TikTok’s TopView ad format compared to ad formats on other social media platforms.  

Again, this is due to the natural placement of ads on TikTok that are consumed by users as regular content. Due to the immersive and engaging nature of the platform, users consider TikTok ads as more authentic and credible. 

This means TikTokers may also be more likely to share videos on TikTok because they are willingly consuming content rather than being forced to watch it. 

In addition, the full-screen display and sound-on features further emphasize the message a brand is trying to communicate which increases the connection between companies and their audience. 

So now that you’ve read Five Reasons to Create a TikTok Marketing Strategy, it may be time to look for an internet marketing company that can help you increase your social media presence. 

We at Webby360 Marketing Solutions know it can be overwhelming to develop a marketing strategy all on your own when we have so many other things to do. 

If you don’t have an in-house TikTok ad maker or TikTok ad creator, here are 7 benefits of working with a social media marketing agency for small businesses

You can also contact Webby360 Marketing Solutions today to discuss how we can help you develop a successful marketing strategy for your small business. 

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